Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meet Zach!

From Zach’s mom:

I love my child more than life itself.  He makes me proud every day to wake up and be called Mama.

Zach's strength is his sense of humor. He's always making anyone he comes in contact with smile.  He is full of life and spirit.

I think Zach has dreams of being a pirate, and only a pirate. As for my dreams for Zach; I just want him to be genuinely happy with life. I want him never to forget that he is loved.

Down syndrome saved my life. Zach saved my life. Before Zach I was in an abusive relationship; when Zach was born it gave me strength to leave. Raising Zach hasn't always been easy. We have speech issues and behaviors but with patience and support from family, friends, and therapists, we just take it day by day.  My only fear is people’s ignorance.

Zach was and is my saving grace. He came two weeks early on Christmas Eve of 2008. I had no idea he had Down syndrome until Christmas Day. We spent almost three weeks in the NICU and came home with a feeding tube.  Zach was so strong; he never had to have any heart surgery. Every day he got stronger and stronger and in less than three months we were able to remove the NG tube. Now almost 4 years later he runs around, is talking more, working on potty training, going to school, but still a picky eater.  Zach is so smart. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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Michelle Gator said...

He is adorable, and reminds me SO much of my nephew. I completely agree that one of the hardest and scariest things to deal with when one has, or is related to a child with special needs, is the ignorance of the world around them. It was fate that these little angels get placed with the families they do, and our job is to not only protect them, but to give them the best life possible. Zach’s mom, you are doing everything right. <3

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