Monday, December 16, 2013

Meet Extonn!

From Extonn's grandma:

I am a mother of four beautiful children who are my life. They range in age from 22, 20, 16 and 14. The three oldest are girls and my youngest is a boy. We are a very close family. My husband and I have been married for 23 years, and have been together for 29 years.

We always dreamed of becoming grandparents. Although we wished for better circumstances for our daughter, this does not in any way change how we feel about our baby or her baby. We found out in her second trimester about Extonn having a high probability of having Down syndrome. I remember the day when my daughter called me like it was yesterday. We both cried together and I impressed upon her that this would NOT change how we already felt about him and that it would only deepen our love for him. I let her know that he couldn’t be born into a more supportive family than ours. And that we were in this together. That she would have the best quality of life ever. But I also let her know that it was ok to be scared. This was her first child and she was young. She had a right to be scared.

We accompanied her to every doctor appointment and went completely nuts preparing the nursery. Extonn blessed us with his presence on July 23! He had some complications. Intestinal surgery four days later which ended being more complicated than initially thought due to his organs being on opposite sides of his body.  He was in NICU for 3.5 weeks until he gained enough weight to come home. Our family traveled 30 miles everyday to be able to hold him for a short stint before visiting hours ended. He was such a strong little guy. The nurses were amazed that he was trying to hold his head up at a few days old and at approximately a week old, he was cooing at me.

I’m happy that my daughter lives with us so that we are able to share in his daily life. My husband took a three month leave from work so that he could be home with him and help our daughter. So obviously, he and Extonn have bonded quite tightly. (Something I’m quite jealous of…)  We each have our own time with Extonn. He enjoys me singing, humming and reading to him. My son, Rence, holds him and talks to him as he plays video games. Extonn enjoys listening to him. My youngest daughter, Landenn, loves having him in his bouncer next to her when she’s putting on her makeup for the day with the music playing in the background, singing to him. My second oldest daughter Lakenn, likes to spend her lunch hours and breaks with him during the day. Fortunately, she only works five minutes away.

Extonn is the most amazing treasure I’ve been blessed with and he will accomplish so much in his life!

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