Sunday, April 7, 2013

Update on Robert Ethan Saylor

The case for Robert Ethan Saylor eludes us. We at the IDSC try and try to understand what could have possibly happened, but we still cannot understand any of this. 

We want to understand how people saw this situation, and did nothing. 

We also want to understand why an independent investigation has not been the next step. 

Has the death of Robert Ethan Saylor been ruled a closed case, simply by the fact that he has Down syndrome? 

So according to reports, because he has Down Syndrome, he died? This concerns us. 

We would like to share with you two very significant posts to our site, that reinforce our concerns.

"I am a Correction Officer and every year when we have training we are taught about "positional asphyxiation" which is what seems to have caused the death of Mr. Saylor. I don't understand why these police officers, who restrain people more often and for longer periods of time are not taught this. Simply put, when someone laying on the stomach is cuffed (especially when they are scared and fighting), it causes them to not be able to breathe. The way to alleviate the stress is to roll them onto their side. Then for it to be said he was combative and fighting - well, he probably was OUT OF FEAR! He didn't understand what was going on. A little common sense would have gone a long way in this situation and spared the life of this young man. There are so many people in public service jobs who shouldn't be. I don't really know that training would fix the problem - some people simply don't have it in them to deal with anybody "different". Nor do they want to."

"I understand that the NYPD also trains specifically for handling such situations (though not necessarily DS-specific) and clearly states that to avoid positional asphyxiation, the person should immediately be moved to a position that promotes free breathing... such as the side or in a sitting position. Those I asked indicated that, even with limited media information, it appears that at least a few standard police tactics COULD have been employed -- but weren't -- that WOULD certainly have changed the outcome, more than likely saving Robert Saylor's life. Furthermore, the NYPD is policed by multiple independent entities who review pretty much EVERYTHING they do.At the very least, an independent investigation is warranted."

Please consider signing this petition and this petition.
We are asking for a simple request. An independent investigation. Then when all is said and done, we will be quiet. 
The time is now.


lsieleni said...

My heart is still breaking for this family! I am having a hard time understanding how or why this happened. Are people's hearts that cold? What we need is someone to take responsibility for their actions! Namely the police chief! He MUST provide training to his officers on how to "understand" different disabilities. If they only would have treated Mr. Saylor with the same respect as any other individual instead of "fearing" the unknown, this would have never happened! It's their job to protect EVERY citizen. Mr. Saylor did not have any weapons he was just terrified of what was happening to him. He didn't understand!! I pray the education is provided soon so this does not happen to any other family!

Terri W. said...

Thank you IDSC for not being quiet!! We will NOT go away, nothing can bring my nephew back, but we will make sure he did not die for nothing. THANK YOU!!

Amy Dietrich Hernandez said...

Yes. That is all we ask! Thank you for keeping this front and center!

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