Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Down syndrome bloggers that have joined our "Who I am" campaign!

As part of our "Who I am" campaign, we asked bloggers to join us in our efforts. We are so excited to stand with these people. We are all in this together, wanting the world to know that all life is precious, and our children are valued, cherished, loved, and thriving!

Amazing List of Blogs that Rock the Extra Chromosome!

5 Boys + 1 Girl = 6:  Prenatal Diagnosis of T21.  Food allergies.  Homeschooling.  Photography. 

A se quu i: The Cherokee word for Freedom. A mom shares the adventure of her life.

Adventures with My Special Kids: A mom of 4 kids with various special needs but never give up—Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Mosaic Down syndrome, and congenital heart defects

Agnieszka Productions:  A young girl’s take on her younger sister with Down syndrome; she makes films and is into other art media while being homeschooled alongside her sister with Down syndrome

Asking with Faith:  Advocate.  Adoption.  Volunteering.  Orphanages.  Traveling.

The Bates Motel:  Mom shares her journey of raising a spunky soon to be 7 year old daughter who has Down syndrome

Blessings Beyond the Ordinary:  Sharing a prenatal diagnosis and raising a new member of the T21 club

Big Blueberry Eyes:  Military family navigating Down syndrome and Celiac disease

Cap’n Jack’s Adventures:  Raising 5 kids—teenagers to preschoolers;  Down syndrome and adoption

Contact Lens #21:  A mom of 3 whose youngest son has Down syndrome

The Cooper Chronicles:  Chronicling the life a toddler boy with T21

The Diary of a Cajun Mama:  Homeschooling and living life with a blended family

Down Syndrome—Up Up Up and Away!  Inspiring other parents of children with Down syndrome to reach for the sky!

Ellen Stumbo—Finding Beauty in Brokenness:  Faith.  Parenting.  Special Needs.  Adoption.

Emma Sage:  The story of a middle schooler  with Down syndrome who is in the school band, rides horses, and has been a model in print media

A European Robin’s Joy-Filled Nest:  Homeschooling.  Christianity and Faith.  Adoption of older children with special needs

Extra Positive Promises:  Journey of a woman trying to adopt a beautiful girl with Down syndrome from Russia

The Flege Farm:  A stay at home mom of 3 from Iowa documenting her youngest child’s journey with Down syndrome

Gwacemom:  A mom of 5 who is passionate about raising awareness for Down syndrome and congenital heart defects

Izzie’s Journey:  A mom of 3 sharing the journey of her youngest daughter with Down syndrome

Kendrick Family—My Family, My Life, My Love:  Raising young adults with Down syndrome and epilepsy

Kimchi Latkes:  Journey through home birthing and a surprise Down syndrome diagnosis of their third child

Life’s Amazing Journey:  Single parenting, adoption, and Down syndrome

Lily’s Life is Great:  A story of adoption, Down syndrome and raising a daughter that is an aspiring young actress

Little Olsen—A Little Bit of Life with the Olsens:  Follows their lives as a family with a 9 month old T21 prince and his older sister, a recent 2 months stay in Kenya and their on-going preparations to move there in two years

Looking Up with Down Syndrome:  Looking to educate others with a prenatal diagnosis of T21

Loving Kayla Lynn:  A mom documenting their lives and her thoughts about Down syndrome and her 9 month old daughter

Loving Lydibug:  Writing.  Faith.  Education and Advocacy for Down syndrome.

Madonna Mama!:  Life with a preschooler daughter and an infant son with a little extra make it worth living

Making the Most of Today:  Homeschooling a preschooler with Down syndrome

Merritt Adventures:  A mom sharing the accomplishments of her four children, especially her youngest with Down syndrome

Miss Amber Nicole:  A 20 year old young woman with Down syndrome

Mommy of Many Trades:  Down syndrome.  Autism.  Stay-at-home-mom.  God and Catholic faith.

Mostly True Stuff:  A mom of 4 kids that deals with autism and Down syndrome

MRS Photography:  A mom that specializes in photography of children with special needs and has a son with Down syndrome

My C’s in the Country:  Life in the country with 2 small children, the youngest with Down syndrome

My Life with Boys:  Raising 3 boys, the oldest with Down syndrome and sharing life through photography

My Name is Sarah:  The real story of a young adult with Down syndrome

My Sweet Lil’ Family:  A family of four, whose littlest girl is rocking an extra chromosome. 

Natalie Falls—Taking one day at a time:  Writing.  Photography.  Down syndrome.

Our Family’s Escapades:  Military family journeying through adoption and special needs

Our Journey Through Life:  Sharing a journey of a prenatal diagnosis of T21and a new infant

Our Morning Glories:  4 boys.  A Prenatal Diagnosis.  Living Life in Faith. 

Our Three Little Birds:  Sharing the positive side of T21, a surprise diagnosis and a love of music

Our Version of Normal:  Life with 7 kids and ADHD, adoption, Autism, and Down syndrome

The Princess and the Tornado:  Sharing a story of adoption, Down syndrome, and a congenital heart defect

Riding this Roller Coaster Called Life—the Ups and Downs of Down Syndrome:  Raising a teenager with Down syndrome and verbal apraxia

Sassysoutherngal’s Posterous:  Down syndrome and advocacy

The Seal Bark:  6 kids and the tales of their travels, adventures, traditions, laughter, and family journey into the world of Down syndrome

SpIGot:  Homeschooling.  Adoption.  Down syndrome.

The Sumulong 3:  Life is never boring with a preschooler with Down syndrome

Surprising Treasures:  Raising a large family that includes a near teenager with Down syndrome

These Broken Vases: Finding beauty in unexpected places

This Gift Called Grace:  Inspiration and encouragement for parents of children with special needs

Those Newmans:  Shining a light on prenatal diagnosis, infertility and Down syndrome

Treyton’s Posse:  A father’s perspective on how Down syndrome and his 4 year old son changed his way of thinking

Two Hearts with Two Smiles:  The new look of Down syndrome and the story of two sisters who love each other

Up Syndrome—Because the glass half empty is also half full:  the story of a 10 year old boy living in the Netherlands 

Vinkea Vakkyra:  A blog from Finland about a 4 year old boy with Down syndrome


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Please visit, a blog about the amazing adventure of raising an amazing child with Down syndrome, and see if it is a blog that you would like to add to your list.


Grace said... is a blog about our Alaskan homeschooling family and raising our 8th child who has Down syndrome.

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I am a little late to the game but here is my blog post:

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Who I am....Reid Layne's first World Down Syndrome Day...

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A mother and daughters' day o day journey through extra chromosome...

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