Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

From Terry, Kennedy's mom:
Kennedy was born 12/21/13 at a planned home birth. We were very excited to finally have her because we just went through still birth in February 2013. My labor was very easy. So easy in fact that it was more like a comedy show. My whole family was there and I was still cracking jokes until 1 hour before she arrived.
When she was born we all knew quite quickly that she most likely had Down syndrome. The midwife performed her examination and we had some bonding time. My mother was concerned about bluing on her hands and feet, but we knew that it was normal for that to occur. The midwife finished her work and left at about two hours and we were waiting for a call from the pediatrician on how to handle the suspected Ds.
About 30 minutes after the midwife left I began to notice bluing around Kennedy's lips and knew at that point that we had to go to the hospital. We drove to the local hospital and they sent her by helicopter to the closest children's hospital. They were concerned that she had gotten an infection because the bluing was from low temperature. They immediately put her on antibiotics while we waiting for the genetic testing.
Thankfully we found out that she did not have an infection, however they did confirm Ds. We were in the NICU for 9 days while we made sure everything was alright and that her eating was on track. Thankfully she does not have any heart conditions or any medical concerns. Our biggest struggle right now is making sure that she is gaining weight appropriately.

She is my only daughter and I am so happy to have her. She is a typical baby and loves to cuddle. As of now, there has been no real differences between her and my other babies (except the 9 days in the nicu). The biggest difference is that I have to pump breast milk more often to supplement pure breastfeeding.   Her older brothers just think the world of her.