Friday, April 18, 2014

Olivia’s parents tell us:

We would love to tell you all about our little miracle.  She’s our gift from God and she’s the most amazing little girl anybody could ever have.  She is full of life, love, and the happiest little girl who in turn loves everyone to the fullest.

We knew she was going to have Down syndrome when I was four months along but that didn’t make us afraid at all.  God sent us the most perfect gift of all.  We have had some bumpy roads, but it’s all worth it—just look at her face and her happiness!  God chose us to have this little angel and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

She’s been through a lot and she’s a fighter.  We feel blessed to have a miracle like her.  To us she’s just like any other child but with more love, life, happiness, and a heart that see no wrong in anyone. 

Our Olivia is the most beautiful angel and we love her so much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Andy’s mom tells us:

I love Andy.  He has a gentle spirit.  I’m proud of him.  He humbles me.

Andy is all boy with no limitations.  He knows how to enjoy life.  He accepts people as they are, not for what they wear or what they look like.  His smile is from ear to ear.  His giggles are contagious and he has a great sense of humor.

If he could talk, I think he’d say his dream would involve being surrounded by friends and family in the sunshine with no rain in the forecast.  I do worry about his future, his continued happiness, being accepted by society and other people.

My son has Down syndrome and Autism.  It’s been a long journey for my family.  I wish I could say it’s been a piece of cake but it hasn’t.  I had to place him in a group home due to behavior issues and my own health.  But I’m very much a part of his life—I see him all the time and he is doing great.  This is actually building his independence all the time.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lucinda’s mom, Katie, shares their story with us:

I feel incredible love, joy, and pride when I look at Lucinda but more than anything I feel excitement in anticipation of who she is going to become and who she is going to achieve. 

Lucinda’s main strength is her ability to captivate those around her.  Her three older brothers believe she is the most beautiful sister anyone could wish for and in their words—her laugh is phenomenal, Mummy!  Friends of ours used to fight to hold and rock her to sleep when she was a tiny baby.  Our entire family considers her one of our most precious members who teaches us life’s most important lessons.  She lights up a room and draws people towards her.

Down syndrome has opened so many new ways for me to think about the world, humanity, and our contributions in life.  I have become aware of an entire community that I was completely oblivious to and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had my eyes opened.  Very early on, I realized how perfect imperfection can be.  Rather than worrying about whether my children are the best and brightest in their class, I now concern myself with ensuring they are the kindest, most thoughtful, most polite children in their classes.  The rest can follow.

I would like to tell the whole world that my daughter is no different and is nothing to fear.  Sure, she has a few challenges, but don’t we all?  My daughter will only add to your life if you let her in.  She hasn’t made my life difficult; in fact she has done the exact opposite.  Life is easier and so much more enjoyable with Lucinda in it.  She has allowed me to put into perspective what is important and what isn’t.  Contrary to popular belief, she is actually incredibly smart, full of empathy, humor, and emotional intelligence.  I feel at times like she knows more than I do.  When I am unsure about anything, I can look into her eyes and she puts me at ease.  When she achieves a new skill, she knows how clever she is and she celebrates along with the rest of us with so much energy and enthusiasm.  She is incredible and because of her, my life is incredible.